Many would cut and trim and even remove the grass from their lawn for the reason that it doesn’t look good there. For some, it would just be a waste of time growing them as they can get the nutrients and minerals that was supposed to be for the flower or your personal plants growing in the lawn and even to the Boca Raton paving. There are some home owners that they don’t want it because it grows too much sometimes that it doesn’t look good anymore to see. This could be the reason for some insects and animals to make it like their shelter. Almost a lot would believe that if there are too many grasses in the area, there would be a great possibility of snake growing or living there are as well. As long as the place or the lawn is being maintained well. Nothing would not happen bad. It can actually give a lot of benefits to the natural ecosystem and to the people living near to the grass.  


  1. Some people don’t know that letting the grass grow would give so much advantage to you like having a good quality of air that you inhale. All the living creature in this world would need to breath fresh air in order to have a healthy lifestyle and good living condition. It would be enough substitute for those places without tree or plants in their surroundings.  
  2. Aside from the air benefit that it can give to us. It also helps to get rid or reduce the percentage of the pollution that we are suffering. If you would imagine a place without trees, plants and even grasses in the environment. Everything will be polluted and we don’t have anything to breath and inhale. It helps as well to hold the soil and stop the tendency of having the soil erosion in your place.  
  3. Since, we are talking soil here. Another thing that we can point out here is that letting the grass grow there would help from experiencing flashflood or to get away the water during rainy days. They would absorb water because they need water of course. They also have a great grip to the soil to manage the possible soil problem and flooding in the area.  
  4. Experts say that having a grass in your garden would be a great tool to absorb heat. If you are going to compare a place with cemented road during the hot days or summer months. The area would be hotter twice as it bounces back the heat from the cemented pathway. Unlike for the place where you have grasses. It helps to reduce the hotness of the place and it gives a cooling effect as well.  
  5. We use grass with different kinds of plants to look even more attractive to the eyes not only to us but also helping others to see a better view. It helps to create a better and excellent view to everyone.